Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here's a step!
Balance.... Balance...
Holding toys seems to help him!
                         Falling forward... But catching himself!

I think right now I'm the proudest mama ever! (Though, I'm sure some of you will disagree.) Ethan started taking his first steps on Sunday, July 27th, at the rightful old age of 10 months! I was beYOND ecstatic, and Joe thought he'd married a crazy woman! (Which he did, of course.) He's so far taken a total of six (yes, SIX) steps at once, though it's usually three or four at a time. He doesn't seem NEARLY as excited about it as we are, but I'm sure he'll get there. I love my little son, and I'm always amazed by him every day!

Here's a fuzzy little video to share with you all. He wasn't really in the mood to walk, but we made him do it for the camera, anyway! Too bad the camera starts rolling after he started walking, but oh well. You get the idea:)


Abby said...

yay ethan! that is such an exciting moment, isn't it? and he's an early walker!

Bethany said...

Yes, he is, but most people have thought for a while that he should be walking-- since he's so big! So, I guess it's good, for his sake:)

The Conrads said...

Yea, Ethan! He'll be cruisin' in no time! :)

Kent Kate & Afton said...

YEAH!!! Good Luck! He is going to take off before you know it!

Abby said...

i'm so glad you liked it, bethany! after i recommended it so strongly i thought a lot of people would end up not liking it because they were expecting something amazing. it's not one of those life-changing books but i just identified with cassandra so much and loved the story. also, i really want to live in a castle in england in the 1940s. :) and i know what you mean about the ending, and yet i thought it was perfect. it makes you think, like you said. (also, there was a movie made in 2003, but it is rated r. boo!)

and i totally have read these is my words and the other two sequels and LOVED them. so good. have you read the other two?

ok, one more thing--you should join