Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daddy Daycare

The culprit and his "aid and abed"-er

So flexible! Even on the bottoms of his feet!
This is what happens when daddy watches baby (Joe-- ya know I love ya!). Joe likes to shut him in the studio/computer room with him, when he watches him, so he can play on the computer and Ethan can explore. Well, he explored all right! He managed to take apart our printer, pull out the cartridges, and paint a beautiful masterpiece all over his chubby little legs! What a creative and genius child I have. Mental note: find a new daycare.


jenna and kreed said...

That is funny. I got Lukes zebra at a asecond hand store for $20. It's right up the street from me and they have two more I think. Luke has drawn on himself before and it is so cute

Joe said...