Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Half a Year, and a Whole Lotta fun....

We are absolutely in LOVE with this little darling. She's so happy and sweet and content. What did we do without her? Perfection.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cambria's Newborn Pics

We love this little girl. She's such a different newborn from her brothers-- not quite as clingy and definitely a better sleeper! Most nights, I get up with Logan more than I do with her! She wasn't too excited to get her pictures taken at the studio, so she doesn't appear quite the content baby she normally is. Still cute, though!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome Cambria Lynne Park!

Here's our newest addition. Cambria was born February 2nd, 9 lbs 4 oz, 20 3/4 inches long. We are so in love with her!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ethan asked me to get his paints out for him today. I got them out and let him dig in. Here are two of my favorites that he came up with. Pretty good for a little boy who just turned four a few days ago! He had so much fun, too. Maybe he will make me millions someday...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby #3... In case you didn't already know...

Yes, the rumors are true. We are pregnant again. I am finally posting this as my 1st trimester is coming to an end, so most of you already know this. We're due February 3rd, so it seems this may be a January baby. It still seems a little unreal to me, even though I've already had two ultrasounds (the one pictured is the 1st one), and saw my crazy child kicking around (this one's bound to be like my other two:). I've been so, so sick again. I think we forget that part, when we decide to have more children. I look forward to being able to eat without fear of vomiting and stand without fear of fainting. But, I am grateful. As with the other two, this one came without really trying. We knew we wanted to wait until May 1st to get pregnant, when Joe's medical insurance kicked in, then we were okay with getting pregnant any time after that. Well, we got pregnant in May:) As difficult as my pregnancies are, I am grateful that I am able to get pregnant. The end result is so worth it. I love love LOVE my two beautiful boys, and I would not mind another boy. They are so smart and wonderful. We'll find out in a few more weeks what we're having. If it's a girl, I will try to be happy:) I know I will love either boy or girl. Wish me luck that the "morning sickness" (i.e. all day sickness) will end soon!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Logan's Potty Train

So.... Logan's been telling me for the last couple of months that he wants "potty train." We're not exactly sure how he even knows the term, but know it he does. He's sat on the potty a few times, but usually just messes. Today, he went in his room to do a #2, then he came out with a small amount in his diaper, handed it to me, and said, "Mama. Potty. Train." So, I put him on the toilet. I checked on him periodically, and he kept saying, "Wee-uhway, Mommy" (Go away, Mommy). The final check, he was off the toilet, and he filled that baby! What kids starts potty-training doing #2?? Then, he informed me that he needed Lightening McQueen (Ethan's training pants that he wears at night). Lightening McQueen he got. We were a little late for church, but it was SO worth it. Happy Father's Day, for sure! Logan will be 2-years-old this coming Thursday. I was not ready for this, yet! Now, to get him to go #1.....

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prescott Trip

The view from the back deck. Not too shabby:)
Thirty seconds into the hike, a bench. The kids said they needed to rest.
Sticks. So fun.
The ruins, below.
At the end of the trail, looking at the ruins.
Talkin' to the goose. Three of Brooke's kids are above at the railing, feeding Pop Tarts to him:)
Yes. It really was this close.
One of the huge fish we saw in Lynx Lake
They got to make visors-- too cute:)
Ethan's robot
So many magnetic toys at the children's museum; Ethan was in love!
Logan had fun making towers with the rings.

Our dear friend LaDelle lent us the use of her Prescott home this weekend so our family could have a quick get-away. It was marvelous. We arrived Friday evening and ate at Oliva's Mexican Restaurant, which even my Mexican-food-hating husband had to admit was divine. Saturday, after a 6 AM wake-up thanks to Ethan AKA the-skylight-in-his-room (which is way more effective than an alarm clock, let me tell you), we hiked two trails around Lynx Lake. Let me tell you, we should do this more often. The boys LOVED hiking and wanted to do it all on their own, no matter how many times they slid face-first down the trail. Sticks were exceptionally interesting, and Logan even decided he could be an airplane with one. At the lake, after taking a few pictures of a friendly goose--mainly friendly since some kids were feeding it a Pop Tart--I realized its feeders were children I recognized-- Ms. Brooke Bennett Warner's children! What are the chances?? She was not there, but we spoke with her husband and kids and later suggested the fishing site where we found some gigantic fish (we hope it worked better??). After a picnic and second hike by the lake, we went to The Spot Children's Museum, where my three boys (yes, Joe included) had a blast. I love that the kids could make their own robots out of recycled trash. And, that was the trip. Short and sweet (which, really, you wouldn't know by the plethora of pictures).