Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prescott Trip

The view from the back deck. Not too shabby:)
Thirty seconds into the hike, a bench. The kids said they needed to rest.
Sticks. So fun.
The ruins, below.
At the end of the trail, looking at the ruins.
Talkin' to the goose. Three of Brooke's kids are above at the railing, feeding Pop Tarts to him:)
Yes. It really was this close.
One of the huge fish we saw in Lynx Lake
They got to make visors-- too cute:)
Ethan's robot
So many magnetic toys at the children's museum; Ethan was in love!
Logan had fun making towers with the rings.

Our dear friend LaDelle lent us the use of her Prescott home this weekend so our family could have a quick get-away. It was marvelous. We arrived Friday evening and ate at Oliva's Mexican Restaurant, which even my Mexican-food-hating husband had to admit was divine. Saturday, after a 6 AM wake-up thanks to Ethan AKA the-skylight-in-his-room (which is way more effective than an alarm clock, let me tell you), we hiked two trails around Lynx Lake. Let me tell you, we should do this more often. The boys LOVED hiking and wanted to do it all on their own, no matter how many times they slid face-first down the trail. Sticks were exceptionally interesting, and Logan even decided he could be an airplane with one. At the lake, after taking a few pictures of a friendly goose--mainly friendly since some kids were feeding it a Pop Tart--I realized its feeders were children I recognized-- Ms. Brooke Bennett Warner's children! What are the chances?? She was not there, but we spoke with her husband and kids and later suggested the fishing site where we found some gigantic fish (we hope it worked better??). After a picnic and second hike by the lake, we went to The Spot Children's Museum, where my three boys (yes, Joe included) had a blast. I love that the kids could make their own robots out of recycled trash. And, that was the trip. Short and sweet (which, really, you wouldn't know by the plethora of pictures).

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