Thursday, July 3, 2008

Family Vacation Time

        Seager family reunion group photo. Little Ethan was sleeping upstairs. Good timing, kid!

The boys at the swimming pool at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort
Ethan LOVED swimming, but it exhausted him. He's still in his little swimming diaper here (yah, and it's an Ariel-- Little Mermaid-- diaper, too-- an oops from Mom:)
         Baby hiking backpacks are soooo nice...
    We stopped for a visit in Pleasant View, Utah to see Mrs. Kristy Moore (the little newlywed!)

Here's Ethan and his cousin, Caleb, who just turned one! Look at the green grass in Idaho. This is when we visited Joe's family, after my reunion.

Here's the gang-- Joe's brother, Dan, and wife Sarah and 3 kids-- Adam, Braiden, and Caleb; Joe's sister-in-law, Angie, and 2 kids Chiara and Sean; and us
We had the HARDEST time getting a cousin photo. Six cousins 5 and under, with half under the age of 1!
Still trying..
      And trying some more... 
           So much for trying to contain my son! We strap him in, and he takes it with him!
                                  Me trying to help. (Nice bum shot, I know:)
Chaos is the word, I believe.
The neighbor lady, Launa, tried to help.
Dang kids, anyway...

         Joe had fun taking Ethan to the Snake River, and Ethan just wanted to stay in the water.
                                         Of course, we had to take him to the park, too.
My niece, Chiara, loved pushing Ethan in the stroller. It was funny to watch, since she's two  years older, and only 2 pounds heavier! 

         Riding a horse at the park...
Ethan and I flew home, while Joe drove the rest of the way back. He was so good on both plane rides, and he made lots of friends. He'd crawl up to anyone, and they loved him. Definitely not a shy child, for sure!
Here he is, exploring the airport. 

We had a fun time on our vacation to Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, near Mt. Carmel, UT for my family reunion, then on to Idaho to visit Joe's family for a week. We stayed at my aunt's house a night, too, on the way up. Poor Ethan did not enjoy sleeping in the portable cribs-- he wanted his own bed and room! So, I was pretty sleep-deprived the entire week and a half! I guess that's what I get for trying to be a consistent parent! The weather was so nice in Idaho, and Ethan had a lot of fun with his 5 cousins who came. He definitely is a little fish, who loved the swimming pool and the river. I don't think he'll have a hard time at swimming lessons! 


jenna and kreed said...

bethany it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Glad you are back now we will have to plan a playdate this week. My phone is not working, and I will probbaly need to get aa new one but here is my phone number at the house, which I don't always get so keep calling if you need to. 623-249-6120.

dtp said...

Bethany. A very lovely post, as usual. Great pic's of Ethan and you. Joe, not so much. Just kidding. You'll have to pass along to Carey whatever info you have on that resort in Mt Carmel where you had your reunion. We're looking for a place to have a reunion with Carey's family next year. Darin

Joe said...

WOW, such a beautifully green place to be with such a beautiful wife and beautiful child.