Friday, August 22, 2008

Water Baby

        My beautiful boy
Our day swim

        The boys and their night swim

Here's just a few fun pictures of us enjoying our inflatable pool. It's the perfect amount of water for Ethan to crawl around in, and he loves it! I love that he appreciates the little things, like getting out of the house (to our backyard:) to explore and have fun for a while. He teaches me so much, my little boy. I've learned to relax more and not sweat the small stuff!


Joe said...

wow, she's all grow'd up.

lindie said...

looks like you guys are having a good time in the pool. You definitely need something to cool you off in that NASTY heat!! Your little boy looks Sooo "Goodale!!!"

MOORE said...

Wow a pool in the back yard. Great to have in Arizona!!! You never see them hardly here in Utah, but I guess you don't need them like we do in Arizona. The baby was so cute and so good. That's the best time to take a baby he just slept, eat and slept again. He is so cute and such a good boy. I took some pics so I will have to post them at my house. Im at work right now with nothing else to do. so I decided to write you a litte note. Well, have fun sorry I didn't call you. The weekend just gets full of cleaning, grociery shopping, visiting the grandparents, church, etc. I will call you soon though. hehehe :) take care beth

Kent and Kate said...

How fun! Afton is scared of the water. It is nice that Ethan isn't. He is so cute. I love that last picture!

Grammy said...

Yah, he is a beautiful boy. But YOU, my dear, are a BEAUTIFUL mama, too!