Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hangin' with Mrs. Mitchell

Two pasty-white ladies and a tan, little man
  Kisses from Tiff... ahhhhhh.... 
        The boys

    My tall boy... and little, not-so-tall Dryden:)
He's a walker!
      Lovin' all the new, fun stuff!

Ethan and I visited Tiff Mitchell's house today-- her BRAND NEW house, that is! They were finally able to move out of the in-law's and get their own place. It's beautiful, too! Ethan had so much fun, and walked quite a bit there (I think it had something to do with the fact that there was actually ROOM for him to walk around there!). Dryden and Ethan actually played together and helped to entertain each other. Tiff made us yummy chicken tacos for lunch. I found out that Ethan will eat grapes-- so nice to go other places and let them give your kid food to try. I've been so stuck on giving him baby food too much, when he can very well eat regular food. I've got to break myself of the habit! Congrats, Tiff & Jayson, on the new home!


Joe said...

wow... a new house.... just what the kid asked for... and the previous post of how he likes change, must be my kid.

lindie said...

is that Tiffany Music- pretty crazy how you find people on other peoples blogs. Its so fun!! Does she have a blog?

Lisl and Stephen said...

Ethan is too cute! and Of COURSE i remember you!! I LOVED sitting next to you in band when I finally got to the first row. You were one of my favorite people in band, and at college even though we didn't get to hang out so much. I remember Allie and I talking about "bad" stuff at your bridal shower too, yeah, I still haven't changed except the fact that I know much more. Franklin is almost 13 months old.

Lisl and Stephen said...

Alright, we need to email: and Franklin turned one on August 7th, so our boys are about a month apart. You're lucky Ethan is already walking on his own. Franklin's taken one actual step all by himself yesterday. I guess he gets his whole not trusting himself from me. Thats ok though because he's been ahead of his age developmentally all this time (except for his stinking teeth - I hate teething, too bad he really needs them ;) Stephen and I met in marching band back at EAC. We were married June 2004. It's amazing how fast the time really flies.