Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dishwashing Delight

Logan loves "helping" me unload the dishwasher. If there isn't already some water on the bottom, I pour some in, and he splashes and plays. This time, he decided to drink the water and blow bubbles in it-- so funny! He just turned 10-months old yesterday. We love him more and more each day. He's clapping, waving bye-bye, giving high-fives, and will dance on command. He loves making monkey and dinosaur sounds, and Ethan is always entertaining to him, no matter what he's doing. He is completely enthralled with Ethan's baby/toddler movies, and he will sit and watch them longer that Ethan ever has! This little guy is a crack-up. He thinks he's big and is trying to stand, though I think he might have a ways yet 'til he walks. We will see. I'm not as anxious for that to happen as I was with Ethan, because I know what comes with the walking-- getting into more things!


Mindy said...

Hes so cute!!


That is so cute. They do the funniest things. I love the picture of your boys on top!