Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mountain Man

After (please ignore the red eyes-- he's not Satan, just highly allergic)

Joe's sported a (handsome!) beard for the last several months. Last night, he decided to shave it off. This act has thoroughly confused my youngest. He keeps grabbing Joe's face, like "who are you, and what have you done with my dad?" It's quite amusing, actually. I kind of liked the beard. He was rugged. Ruggedly handsome. My little mountain man. He actually almost looked his age (almost 32!) not like an 18-year-old. Now, I look like I'm robbing the cradle (though I've been told I look young, too-- maybe I should grow a beard?). Maybe I liked it because my mother is so utterly appalled by his facial hair. Does this make me like it more? Oh, bearded man. Where hast thou gone? I want you back.


QLuvItDesigns said...

Bethany, you are sooo funny!! But please, don't grow a beard, I think that would be disturbing. However, you could possibly pull it off like Selma Hyeck (sp?), both of you beautiful women.


yeah you shouldn't grow one Beth. The reason you really want it back is because I think a man should have a clean shaven face. They look more professional to me. You want to go against your friends opinion not your mom's. heheheheheh J\K. It's because you want to go against the mother's opinion. That's how children are. LOL

abby said...

i forgot to comment on this post but i love it. i love that your mom was appalled and that you liked it. i have been trying to get jamie to grow a beard for 5 years. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't think I appreciate your comment Abby!