Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feeling thankful

I feel I must take some time just to write how blessed I feel. Joe has been officially jobless for a month now. He'll be paid his severance through the end of September. I've managed to save enough money to pay our bills for two months after that, since we've known this time was coming for some months now. Why some companies feel the need to ship off American jobs to India, to earn a few billion dollars more a year than they're already making, I will never know. But, I digress. Even though Joe has no job, we've been lucky enough that he's had some contract jobs and we've had friends who need things done that he can do, and they pay him for it. Joe was able to take 3 weeks of vacation right after Logan was born (he had to use the vacation or he would lose it), then his job ended shorty thereafter, and I must say it's been really nice to have him home, even if it does mean he has no job. It's helpful to have another adult around with two kids under two, plus it's just so nice to be a family together so much-- we've had so much fun together! We've just had so many people helping us out, when we haven't even asked, and I feel they've been inspired. I know we must be doing something right to be so blessed. Heavenly Father really does look after all of his children. It's nice to know that. When we're doing all we can do, and trying to live righteously, things will all work out in the end. They don't always work out how we think they will, or how we want them to, but they do work out. I've been praying for months now that Joe will find a new job, and I know it will happen eventually. I just don't stress about it, though we do actively pursue it. Anyway, I am blessed. I have a wonderful family and people who love and support us. What more can I ask for?


abby said...

i am inspired by this, bethany. thank you!

Trent and Brooke Warner said...

I hope a job comes your way soon. Way to be optimistic and hopeful. You are certainly being blessed for doing so!

The Conrads said...

Yea for blessings! Your boys are so beautiful! What a great attitude to have. :)