Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Big Two!

My little Ethan turned two-years-old yesterday. It's hard to believe that it's been that long since I was in the hospital, pushing and in labor, wishing I were dead.... wait, that was just two
MONTHS ago.... but also two years ago.... Anyway, I tried making his day special with yummy breakfast, dinner, and cake, and I had the Nursery kids sing to him. My family came over for presents and cake in the evening. He really felt special and learned to say "Happy Birthday." He already knows to say "two" when asked how old he is, though he sounds like a little Scottish boy when he does.....

Here are his stats from his two-year check-up today:
weight: 34 lbs (95%)
height: 37 inches (97%+)

I love this boy. I love how he says "si" when you tell him to say "yes." I love that he is obsessed with phones and remotes and anything he can take apart, but shouldn't. I love his sweet demeanor and how he always says "please," "thank you" and "love you." I love his sweet kisses and his over-abundance of energy. I love his Flintstone feet, even though it's incredibly hard to find shoes to fit their wideness. I love that canned green beans are his favorite food and that he drinks their juice when he's done. I love that he stays in his crib, even though I know he can climb out. I love that he plays for a few hours in his bed before falling asleep and is perfectly content doing so. He is amazing and wonderful, and I am the luckiest mother in the world.



you are an old lady!!!! YOu have a child that is two. Sounds like a fun day for Ethan.

Trent and Brooke Warner said...

Cute post! I can't believe he will drink the green bean juice! That's a healthy boy for you. Maybe that's why he is able to stand so well on his tippy toes.


hey what you mean new post you need a new one too!!! hehehehe I am sure you have something else to post by now!!!!!