Friday, May 8, 2009


   The beautiful bride, with her Papa and Mama

                   Us with the groom
                                           Me on the very left... Was I ever really that skinny? 
   Gettin' our groove thang on
My favorite two boys
                  Me 'n Tiff

It'll be one year this month since one of my best friends got hitched... and now she's having a baby! This was a really fun day for all of us, and I'm so glad Kristy and Clint got married in the temple and have been such a cute and loving couple ever since. I miss her so much, though, with her in Utah. I want to raise our babies together. She's going to be a wonderful mother.

Happy Anniversary, Kristy and Clint! I love you!!

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Thank you Beth! Those were great memories. It would be great for me to be closer to raise our kids together. However, it will still be fun talking on the phone and updating each other on our little ones. Your the Best