Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Final Stretch

4 Months
5 months

6 months!

Yay, I'm in my third (and final!) trimester! I can hardly believe it-- yet, I really CAN believe it, at the same time. Pregnancies seem long to me when I'm the one pregnant. It's a long time to be sick! June... here I come!


Kent Kate & Afton said...

yeah!!! it does seem to take forever. and the 3rd trimester seems to take the longest. (sorry to be a downer) You look great though.

Darin said...

Bethany. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. You guys are great!

Joe said...

yeah, it is the longest, I will be here for ya hun, more so than ever before.

The Conrads said...

Hooray for the end of pregnancy! You are still so tiny! My belly gets huge the last month or so. I hope you're feeling well! :)