Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wedding Bells!

    Kristy & Clint-- Just Married!
Our feet! We had cute flip-flops w/rhinestones 

Me in the receiving line, next to other best friend, Tiff Mitchell
Dryden Mitchell (9 1/2 months) & Ethan (8 months)
                                                               The race is on....
and the winner is....
Beautiful bride... and me!

We had a fabulous time at Kristy (Wigginton) Moore's wedding and reception yesterday (oh, and Clint's, too:). She married in the Mesa temple in the morning, then we had a luncheon at Old Country Buffet afterwards. The reception was later that evening, where I was one of her bridesmaids (aren't the dresses cute??). Tiff and I had quite the dapper-looking young boys, in their little suits:) Ethan had so much fun playing with the "big" boys and girls, and seemed to want to run around and play with them. Joe and I danced our booties off! Congrats, Kristy and Clint!! 


Kent Kate & Afton said...

I haven't seen Tiffany is SO LONG! Tell that girl hi from me.

Abby said...

oh i'm so glad you posted pictures! kristy looks so beautiful. and my mom was telling me how cute those bridesmaid dresses were, and i have to agree. love em.

and i'm not sure i even knew tiffany had a baby. what's his name?

Bethany said...

Tiff's baby is Dryden (the one next to Ethan in the pictures). He's a July baby & Ethan's September (though Ethan's quite a bit bigger-- he's just a big boy!) Isn't Pearl a July baby? Or was it June? How big is she now?