Friday, May 9, 2008

Ms. Smarty-Pants!

Congratulations, Kristy Lynn!

One of my best friends, Kristy, graduated from ASU's West campus yesterday with a Bachelor's in Recreation, Tourism, and Management-- and Magna Cum Laude, at that! We grew up together and were roommates at EAC. I'm so proud of her for sticking with her goals and pursuing her education both before AND after serving a full-time mission! 

Here's a quote I like from former President Gordon B. Hinckley:

Be smart. You are all in school. Do not waste your time. This is a time of great opportunity that you will never have again as long as you live. Make the most of it right now. It is wonderfully challenging. It is hard, it is tough, isn’t it? But what a wonderful thing to go and learn of all the accumulated knowledge of all the centuries of time. Go on to college or whatever school, vocational school, whatever your choice is, but take advantage of every opportunity that you have because the Lord has laid upon you a mandate through revelation to the Prophet Joseph Smith concerning not only spiritual learning but secular learning. Yours is the responsibility, and you can’t afford to waste your time. There is so much to learn. Be smart. Give it the very best that you have.

Education is really important to me, and I'm so proud of Kristy for going for it! Congrats, congrats, congrats!! (Oh, and if I look exhausted, it's because I am-- overly-tired 7-month-olds are not recommended at college graduation ceremonies, unless you truly desire a head of gray hair!)

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