Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Canning Time

I decided to can some pinto beans and chicken yesterday, borrowing my mom's new pressure cooker. I'd canned chicken once before, but Mom had done the pressure-cooking part while I'd cut up the chicken. This time, I did it. All. By. Myself. I must say, I felt a bit old-fashioned. Really, my back hurt from all of the hours of canning (only 21 cans, but that was enough!). I must be a wimp:) But, I'm looking forward to eating it all! The canned chicken doesn't last long in our house (even though it looks like a science experiment gone wrong:). Yummy!


abby said...

this is awesome. i so want to be a regular canner. and have a huge garden. as soon as we can put roots down somewhere. pun intended. :)

p.s. had a little birthday get together in AZ and it was a "surprise" so when it was going on i said, "is bethany coming?" and my husband did a face palm. he'd forgotten a few people. :) anyway, maybe we can get together next time we're in town!

Joe said...

Yay canned food!

Grammy said...

YEARS ago, when I was young like you and had two small children, I used to can everything I could get my hands on. My pantry was full of jars - applesauce, tomatoes, v8 juice, peaches, jam. I loved it. It makes one feel secure. It is a lot of work, but so worth it. Way to go!