Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Love 2. And, I Don't.

I love 2.
I love that he's talking so well and loves learning and repeating what he has learned. Colors, shapes, letters, and numbers are some of his favorites. I love that he can pick out all of the cars in parking lots like our car, Jordon's car, Grandma's car, Grandpa's car, and Tommy's car-- even if they're a different color or newer version. I love that he's not a picky eater and eats what I won't. I love that he's usually sweet and says "Luv You" and "Pease" and "Tank Tou" without encouragement. I love that he's my helper and thrives off helping with the laundry, putting clothes in the hamper, collecting the trash cans, bringing me diapers, putting dishes in the dishwasher, and plugging in his four (yes FOUR!) nightlights before bedtime. I love that he still takes naps, and that occasionally he plays in his bed for sometimes an hour or so AFTER he wakes up. I love that he sleeps through Logan's screaming. I love his fierce independence and that he loves putting on his socks and shoes by himself, and insists on buckling himself in, etc., etc., etc. I love his almost constant smile and exuberance for life. I love that the littlest things make him so happy.
And, I don't.
I don't enjoy when he runs away from me, refusing to obey, even after threats of spankings and timeouts. I don't enjoy when he laughs in my face after a spanking, which generally has little to no effect (though it's getting better). I don't enjoy that he thinks everything is his and that he can get into the fridge or his snacks whenever he pleases. I don't enjoy when he starts (joyfully!) yelling when I tell him I'm trying to get Logan down for a nap. I don't enjoy the occasional jealous moments when he takes things from Logan just because.
What I do love about 2, my Ethan, far outweighs the things I may not always enjoy. In a way, I do not fully dislike those things that may frustrate me. For, without them, Ethan would not be Ethan, and he would not be the completely wonderful, little boy that I love. I try, daily, to count my blessing for all the good that he is and not let the frustrating times get me down. He is TWO, after all.... Someday, I will miss all his innocence.


Joe said...

I agree, and have you noticed that he likes to put his clothes on all by himself now too? I just wish he would change his own diaper.

Stephen said...

I'm sorry that he makes it hard. A neighbor told me, its not the terrible two's because they are 2, but because when it begins (which is usually before 2) it lasts about 2 years. We as mothers learn half-way through the little tricks that get us through it, or how to take time for ourselves to regain some sanity.

Just take things as they come, and everynight in your thoughts, ponder on the things that you love about him and that make you happy. Doing this everynight helps you have more patience with him the next day. (its working for me, Franklin not as much as Lisette. I REALLY need to focus on gaining more patience with Lisette.)


I am not looking forward to Taylynn being like that. She is such a great baby. Hopefully she will do the good things and no bad. Yeah right every child goes through it.

Grammy said...

You are an amazing momma. And I am so glad you are back!!

Brooke said...

I Love your post. It's great to keep track of the ups and downs because they balance each other out and makes us all normal! What a cute little boy!