Monday, August 17, 2009

Logan's Blessing

Family & Friends

Logan was blessed yesterday, just a week shy of two months old. Joe blessed him with a beautiful blessing, then later we had my family over for a nice dinner. Logan didn't cry or want to eat the whole Sacrament Meeting, so it was wonderful! It was so nice to have my college friends, Pam Mofford and Jarrett Nez come, too! Happy, happy day.


abby said...

how fun! and i LOVE his blessing outfit. what a cute boy.

(and how come you and pam have not changed one bit since high school? not fair.)


Yeah you posted the blessing pictures. HEHEH I'm glad it went so well, and you know I would of been there if I lived in AZ!!!!

Lisl and Stephen said...

Yay for special days, and babies making those special days easy for the parents. I love the photos, you look fantastic, and you're kids are so adorable!

Trent and Brooke Warner said...

I love that picture of your family. It's so cute. He is a sweet baby.