Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I awoke this morning to the musical sounds of my barely-one-year-old son's whines, and how do you think I found him? Bare-chested. Shirtless. Without blouse.
"How did this happen?" I ask myself. "And, why?" 

Then, I notice the over-sized belly and the barely-there love handles. LOVE HANDLES. "Is he trying to show his love for me? This must be it," I conclude. "What a loving son I have!"
Or, maybe it's something else. Maybe he was testing his skills and found that one of them included the art of removing clothing-- quite an art for a barely-one-year-old, I'd say. He did a fabulous job, if I do say so myself. Which I do. Though, I can't help but hope it's not a premonition of some future career endeavor....

"Maybe he has something against Disney?" I wonder. The "Cars" pajama top may have been too much for him. Perhaps he thought he was fighting against "The Man," though I'm not too sure just how Disney fits into that category. Maybe he will explain it to me one day. It's obviously beyond my limited comprehension.

"Could he be an environmentalist? At such a young age? Is this his way of fighting against the pollution-causing, gas-guzzling automobiles that crowd our streets and highways?" What a BRILLIANT child I have. And so concerned for the earth. Must've been watching too many "Go Green" commercials.  

Or, perhaps he was bored. He WAS in a crib, after all, with only two crib toys and no other form of entertainment. Why NOT take off his shirt? 

Then, I decide, he could have been hot. With outside temperatures still at or above 100 degrees, long-sleeve pajama tops perhaps are not on top of his things-to-wear list. Dumb parents. Poor baby.

I guess I will really never know why or how my sweet little baby managed this task-- this task I find so amazing. But, I think I will stick with conclusion number one: he LOVES me.


Joe said...

Wow, what an amazing baby. Maybe it is just that he has found the freedom of being shirtless, unbound with the cool air blowing up his armpits... Or is that only me in this forsaken heat?

Korrena said...

I can't say that I blame the little guy. Clothes can be so restrictive, especially in this sweltering heat! I wish I had the option of going shirtless!

The next step is having him dress himself! It shouldn't be that hard, right? Just the same step in reverse? :)

Deena said...

Looks like he was trying to show off his six pack of what?? mother's milk??

Masta J said...

Ethan Park: Such a strong manly name. Prediction: Future Star of the NFL. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall weighing a feirce 245 lbs of solid man muscle. Starting linebacker for the Chicago Bears. This i have foreseen.

Jarret said...

"Going commando" or running around half/fully naked is a home bound past time that most every well mannered children adore. Mine included.

My thoughts - there are only a few years where one can get away with this adventure and still be considered cute.

So, let it ride, love handles, diaper crack and all.

Trent and Brooke Warner said...

Oh just brace yourself... The best is yet to come. Wait until it happens in a public place. You'll really feel loved then! I most of all love your creativty in writing. You're awesome!

Grammy said...

Just wait until he can get off his pants, and then his diaper. He will be running "nakey-nakey" everywhere! (That's how Savannah, my oldest grandchild, used to say naked!) Very smart boy.