Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, My Sweet Ethan

Ethan is now a beautiful, wonderful one-year-old! We had a fun party today with family and a few friends. I made Ethan's cake, which took FOREVER, by the way. Now I see why they charge so much for the ones at the store! 

We played a little game with facts about Ethan, and of course his Grandma Goodale (my mom) won! The guests also filled out a message to Ethan on little pieces of paper, about why they loved him. He'll get to read them when he's older. 

He wasn't too sure about his cake, at first. Then, once he tasted it, he seemed to enjoy it, though he was still pretty polite about it all, and he smacked his little lips quite a bit! It was his first experience with sugar, so I was glad he didn't go too crazy over it! I specifically made an applesauce cake so it would be a bit healthier. 

I'm really amazed that my little baby is already a year old. I treasure him and love him more and more every single day that I get to be his mother. I often wonder why I was so blessed to have such a beautiful, wonderful, perfect child. He is truly a gift from heaven. 


Abby said...

ok, a few things:

is that a highchair he is sitting in?

that cake is darling.

his FIRST time eating any sugar? REALLY!?!

happy birthday, ethan! you are adorable.

Joe said...

Sweet little boy, he did good with sugar 'cause that is all he is!

Bethany said...

Abby: Yep, it's a high chair. It's called a Baby Tenda-- supposed to be the safest on the market, they say. It works pretty well for us. It can turn into a whiteboard/chalkboard when he's older (or a table) with a separate part.

Yep, first time with sugar. He's been all fruits, veggies, a little meat, and crackers. I know he's big, but it sure ain't from eating bad foods! :) I'm better at feeding him healthy stuff than I am for myself, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that ethan has always been my FAVORITE boy name! he is so adorable!

Lisl and Stephen said...

Yea for babies turning one! He looked like he wasn't too sure, but did enjoy himself, with the cake. I'm sorry it took you forever, but I know it must have been worth it!! Happy Birthday Ethan!


How fun! Im glad you had a fun birthday party for little ethan! He is so cute. Sorry I couldn't be there, but got your message that you go the present. I hope it fits him hehehehehe. the cake looks great beth. Good Job!

lindie said...

I so had the same questions that Abby had, so thank Abby- I was very curious about the high chair. And We must be really bad parents because Andie is 5 1/2 months old and she has already tasted cotton candy-from her dad and homemade Ice cream-from me. She'll be ready to eat the whole cake by the time she turns one.

Bethany said...


You're far from a bad mom! I'm just an over-obsessive one (when it comes to what he eats). Silly girl!