Thursday, June 5, 2008


 Bruiser normally refers to:

A big husky man. Often implies they frequently fight.

Says grocer lady: "Awwww... What a beautiful boy. Let me guess.... uh... 17 months??" 

Says me: "Well, actually,... 8 months."

Says grocer lady: "Really??? I'm usually really good at guessing babies ages. Wow! He's a bruiser!!"


Time after time, my little baby is thought to be at least twice his age.  But, he's still a baby. He's perfectly on schedule with all of his baby milestones, and some he's ahead of schedule.  People expect him to be walking, talking, eating all the "big people foods." I've come to accept the fact that my little baby-- as big as he is-- is absolutely perfect and smart, and even though his older-- yet smaller-- friends are walking, some talking, I never have to worry about my son wasting away or crying over any little fall-- extra cushion has it's advantages, too. 


Age in months: 8
Clothing size: 18 months to 2T
Weight: 25 plus lbs
Fact that I don't have to pay for a gym membership: Priceless


Joe said...

Is the offspring of a real man, an American dad, make 'em large, make 'em tough!

Kent Kate & Afton said...

He is a big boy! Wow!

The Conrads said...

Big boys rock! :) I go thru the exact same thing with Cooper. People always think he's older than he really is and are surprised when I tell them his age.